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Category:Tank Gauging

 Web enabled

  • Allowing users to manage fuel and compliance information online from any web browser at any location.

Total control

  • Manage inventory, deliveries, and alarm information from any computer, smart device/phone, or iPad – anywhere. Its intuitive graphical user interface and web-enabled technology can be fully tailored and provides one-touch access to all site data.

Extended storage

  • Back up of reports, alarms, compliance, inventory, delivery and reconciliation data for up to three years

Automatic reconciliation

  • Identify causes of variance for quick resolution and saves you money
  • Removes many of the traditional uncertainties associated with wetstock loss analysis, allowing operators to quickly comprehend the effects of delivery, temperature and other variances to understand the critical areas on which to focus efforts for maximum advantage.
  • Your site will benefit from optimum inventory, better delivery scheduling and reduced risk outages.

Graphical touch screen display for easy operation

  • Simple, touch-screen menu navigation means that clearly presented key facts and figures are literally at your fingertips.
  • Intuitive operation means site staff can quickly and easily use the system with the minimum of training

Optimal risk management and environmental protection for the whole forecourt

  • Cover all aspects of loss using leak sensor monitoring, automatic reconciliation of fuel throughput and identification of variance components of temperature delivery.
  • Protect pressure lines by testing to precision levels as the site operates, with STP shutdown for leaks, water detection and dry-run conditions.


 Enhanced AccuChart automatic tank calibration and adjusted delivery

  • AccuChart calibrates and updates tank charts for accurate inventory level readings, while adjusted delivery reporting makes sure dispensing during delivery is considered.

Continuous inventory, delivery monitoring and reporting

  • Know what's going on in your petrol, diesel, LPG and AdBlue tanks around the clock without the inconvenience and uncertainty of manual dipping
  • 7.4" grayscale, full VGA/LCD touch screen

Easier access to information

  • Clear graphical presentation for at-a-glance information with simple menu access to more detailed reports.

Better resolution

  • Intuitive operation ensures the data you want is always at your fingertips.

In-tank leak detection

  • Ensure your tanks are tight using testing methods of in-tank and line leak detection capabilities - 12 LPH, 0.38 LPH and 0.76 LPH
  • Continuous CSLD testing option avoids tank shutdown

Automatic alarms

  • Critical high and low tank level alarms help to prevent overfills and run-outs. Water detection alerts operators before costly dispensing occurs.



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